New solo album released: “The Man I Love” (Musical Album)

Sunhae Im’s new solo album “The Man I Love – Musical Album” was released!  This recording mainly consists of musical numbers, not like most other albums by her.   For example, it has “Dream With Me” from Bernstein’s Peter Pan, “Tonight” from Bernstein’s West Side Story, “Summertime” from Gershwin’s Porgy and Bess.  There are also numbers from Yeston’s Phantom (of which Sunhae Im led the Korean premiere), Webber’s Phantom of the Opera, Levay’s Elisabeth, and many others.
She collaborated with Jae-Won Moon (piano), Sebastian Wienand (piano), Taeguk Mun (cello), Sung-hyun Cho (flute), Han Kim (clarinet), Gihoon Kim (baritone), Enoch (musical actor), and Moon Jong-in (arrangement).

You can purchase CDs from stores in Korea.  Also Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Youtube, and many other sites  provide streaming services.