“10 out of 10”, “One of the great singers of our time”, “Beautiful like a Dream”: Reviews on Sunhae Im’s New Album

Sunhae Im’s new album “Didone Abbandonata” is receiving amazing reviews! Here are some of them.

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), Week 18, 2020 by Jan Brachmann

“Fire in the voice”
Sunhae Im sings like no other…  Sunhae Im loves thematic works. Five years ago, the now forty-four-year-old dedicated her first solo CD of the mythical singer figure of Orpheus. Sunhae Im has been familiar to European art music since her childhood; she grew up in a Christian family in South Korea and her mother was a choir director. Her sense of language and speaking, for word meanings and speech situations, is breathtaking. You have to read the texts in the booklet, to notice how detailed she designs, but without endangering the flow of music – one of the great singers of our time!

SWR2 Treffpunkt Classic, Feb 23, 2020 by Jan Brachmann

An exceptional singer…  
Sunhae Im is one of the great singers of our time for the repertoire of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
What Sunhae Im particularly masters is the rapid change of colors and nuances on individual syllables without destroying the cohesion of a sung phrase. It develops the vocal effect out of a high level of linguistic intelligence. The words themselves and their dramatic situation show the way where the vocal sound goes. This absorption of speaking into perfect singing would also make Sunhae Im a perfect Monteverdi singer.

WDR tonart, Feb. 06, 2020 by Kathrin Kreusel

Absolutely successful, says Kathrin Kreusel.
Beautiful like a dream.
Girlish, silver-bright voice radiates inner peace. Designed tastefully, the melismas sound like caresses. Pleasantly light-footed, lively and effortless, or airy and rough: to all of her interpretations, Sunhae Im gives a fitting expression.

rbb Kulturradio, Jan. 17, 2020 by Matthias Käther

Sunhae Im has become more lyrical and subdued in recent years, which is why the main focus here is on the large lyrical arches rather than eruptive arias. If it is eruptive, however, it remains sovereign. You don’t feel any effort or force anywhere. It glides over the notes like an experienced beach surfer. The dramatic expression is superb, especially in the slow pieces.

Svens opernparadies, Jan. 07, 2020 by Sven Godenrath

Simply magnificent as Sunhae Im succeeds in shaping the coloratura with a verve and enthusiasm, which electrifies you after just a few seconds. She gives each of these arias an independent character and then this sparkling, springy light height. Simply sensational.

A CD you should never pass by, even if you were less enthusiastic about baroque music before. After this CD, you can’t get enough of it. A very big hit.

Klassik Heute, Feb. 24, 2020 by Ekkehard Plutha

Artistic Quality: 10
Sound Qualtiy: 10
Overall Impression: 10
“Klassik Heute Recommendation”
“CD of the Week” (Feb 24, 2020)

The album, which the Korean soprano Sunhae Im presents, shows impressively that this great lover had much more to do than just complaining. A rich palette of emotions is exhibited in the compositions of partially forgotten masters of the baroque opera.

A stroke of luck

The performance by the singer and her combatants is inspiring and delightful. This is indeed a great world theater (Teatro del Mondo), which is made to sound and is produced in front of the listener. And Sunhae Im, identified through her numerous recordings (especially under René Jacobs) as a professional interpreter of baroque operas, shows in the various Dido roles not only as a gifted cantatrice (singer) but also as an enchanting incantatrice (sorceress), who not only has an exceptional lyric voice of rare beauty but also has the strong soul tones that are so often missed on today’s opera scenes even by well-known singers. It is a stroke of luck to see the old, largely unknown music.

(, Feb.22, 2020 by Benjamin Künzel

Her soprano is of immaculate beauty, the voice without much vibrato flows on an endless breath, and technically she stands above things. This is how each recorded number sounds convincing in its flawlessness and balance – the artist succeeds in making particularly the slow arias specially intimate and effective.
( ), March 12, 2020 & Classical Music Daily, March 14, 2020  by Giuseppe Pennisi

As the same singer interprets samples of the various versions, the listener appreciates Sunhae Im’s versatility… she is a lyric soprano who can switch easily from dramatic or pathetic roles to brilliant coloratura parts.

Didone Abbandonata

Tetro del Mondo / Andreas Küppers, coductor
CPO, 2019